How you can Win at Positioning Your Travel and Tourism Destination

The entire process of creating a picture or identity within the minds of shoppers is known as positioning. It is essential to travel and tourism destinations since it tends to make your destination more appealing to consumers than other similar destinations.

The entire process of positioning involves market positioning, mental positioning, and positioning approaches.

Step One: Market Positioning

Within this step, you decide on a target audience segment (market segmentation), that is most likely the group that you simply are already seeing at the destination. However if you simply need new clients, you might want to take a look at other possible segments, and target them. For instance, should you ordinarily have families at the destination, you can target wealthy retirees like a new supply of business.

Since you have opted for target audience, you have to learn about them. Exactly what do they enjoy during vacation? Exactly what do they need from the destination? Utilize surveys and concentrate groups to reply to these questions and find out more about your target audience. Investment property with that now is going to be wisely spent. You don’t wish to waste marketing dollars afterwards advertising the incorrect message for your audience. Make certain you discover exactly what the right message is going to be, and do not guess.

Another factor you have to study from your target audience is when they previously see your destination. What benefits will they think your destination provides? What beliefs do they have regarding your destination? Are them negative? If that’s the case, what exactly are they? You will have to counter individuals beliefs inside your new position.

Step: 2 Mental Positioning

Now you understand your audience, place that information along with your business goals and evaluate which you’ll communicate towards the market segment which will plant the best image within their minds regarding your destination.

You should use physical attributes if they’re unique. For instance, Westin Hotels positioned itself using their industry-altering “Heavenly Bed” slogan. Because the first hotel to provide premium mattresses and bedding, they’d a distinctive physical attribute.